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May, 2017


The Real Costs of CAMHS Cutbacks For Our Children

By On May 24, 2017

In my previous post I talked about embarking on a new journey to get our daughter diagnosed.  Girls with ADHD and / or Autism are under diagnosed.  Typically, girls on the spectrum… Read More

Newborn Faye
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The Journey Begins All Over Again

By On May 10, 2017

Just as we have finally got George fully diagnosed and breathe a sigh of relief that fighting for assessments is over we find ourselves starting the journey all over again.  This time… Read More

Fidget spinners

Hot Topic – Fidget Toys

By On May 8, 2017

I’m sure most of you will have heard about the country’s latest playground craze Fidget spinners / Hand spinners.  You may also be aware of the divide amongst the ADHD / Autism… Read More