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Diagnosis Time for Faye

By On December 11, 2017

In June we had our first appointment at CAMHS,  this was more of a triage appointment with the idea of referring you on to parenting classes as they don’t refer children under… Read More


The Real Costs of CAMHS Cutbacks For Our Children

By On May 24, 2017

In my previous post I talked about embarking on a new journey to get our daughter diagnosed.  Girls with ADHD and / or Autism are under diagnosed.  Typically, girls on the spectrum… Read More

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Another Piece of the Puzzle

By On February 3, 2017

When we received George’s ADHD diagnosis back in August we were refered by our local CAMHS to a more specialist hospital for another ASD assessment. George was initially assessed for ASD via… Read More

Co-Morbid Symptoms

Another Diagnosis, Another Label

By On August 19, 2016

The blog has been very quiet these past few months, partly as we were busy buying a house and undertaking renovating projects. Another reason is I was awaiting a firm update from… Read More

Back Story


By On October 1, 2015

Following the diagnosis we explained things to George and to our surprise he took the news really well.  He was confused the first few days and told everybody he had “twits”.  He… Read More

Our first glimpse into the world of Tourette Syndrome
Back Story

Finally A Diagnosis

By On September 30, 2015

George started his psychotherapy sessions in October 2012.  During this time he was seen on his own every week and my husband and I had a separate meeting every other week.  Gradually,… Read More