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Co-Morbid Symptoms

Tourettes Awareness

By On June 11, 2018

You may or may not be aware that we have just had Tourettes Awareness Day on 7th June.  You may have missed it as despite being a member or many Tourette’s support… Read More


The Real Costs of CAMHS Cutbacks For Our Children

By On May 24, 2017

In my previous post I talked about embarking on a new journey to get our daughter diagnosed.  Girls with ADHD and / or Autism are under diagnosed.  Typically, girls on the spectrum… Read More

Fidget spinners

Hot Topic – Fidget Toys

By On May 8, 2017

I’m sure most of you will have heard about the country’s latest playground craze Fidget spinners / Hand spinners.  You may also be aware of the divide amongst the ADHD / Autism… Read More

Good news at last, new EHCP

Secondary School Looms Ever Closer

By On October 18, 2016

It doesn’t seem five minutes since I wrote a post about visiting secondary schools for the first time last September.  George was in year 5 then and it seemed so far away. … Read More

SEN labels
Co-Morbid Symptoms

Should We Be Labelling Children With SEN?

By On January 28, 2016

“Labelling” your child is a controversial subject with a lot of people feeling strongly about it.  We recently attended a talk on ADHD and the subject came up of why people feel… Read More

Fun at Harrod's Christmas Grotto

A Tourette Tales Christmas

By On January 8, 2016

We have had a very busy few months in the Tourette tales household.  Christmas is a big deal in our house with preparations starting early. This year, due to shortage of tickets… Read More

Mr Ploppy, George's giant fidget toy

Half Term in the Tourette Tales Household

By On November 10, 2015

Holidays can always be a worry, the lack of routine, different places to visit can be difficult.  This half term we had lots planned, we caught up with friends at the local… Read More

George in his somewhat unorthodox Superhero costume


By On October 22, 2015

Whilst having a sort out of the children’s artwork and school work they’ve brought home, I came across this Poem.  In year 2 George’s topic was Superheroes, at the end of the… Read More


Secondary School

By On October 15, 2015

In September we began our search for a secondary school even though it doesn’t seem five minutes since he started nursery school.  As George has a statement of special educational needs, we have begun to… Read More

Feeding the Penguins , George's dream come true.

Birthday Celebrations

By On October 11, 2015

Sometimes we forget about George’s difficulties, his behaviour and tics are just part and parcel of everyday life for us.  Then something happens that bring it all back into focus and my… Read More